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Date: 25 January – 29 January 2021

Application deadline: 12 January 2021

Language: English

Mode of study: online short course

Target group: University students currently enrolled in or recently graduated from a Bachelor´s or Master’s degree program, preferably one related to the topic of this year’s Winter School, e. g. Area Studies, International Relations, Political Science and Geopolitics, or another relevant field of study. Our course is open to students regardless of their age or country of residence.

Anticipated number of participants: 15 to 25

Academic staff: scholars from the Institute of International Studies and outside experts

Fees and costs: 300 EUR (ca 7900 CZK)

Total price includes: tuition (for all lectures, an introductory and a wrap-up session, group workshops, discussions, etc. as mentioned in the programme below); readings and other materials (on-line versions will be at your disposal after enrolling); an individualized evaluation of the participant's performance, discussions and assignments; an official certificate confirming attendance; and a transcript to gain European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) credits

Scholarship opportunity: We do not provide any special financial support for attending the Online Winter University.

Academic Credit: Two or four ECTS credits (see below)

Requirements: Active participation in the programme, including attendance (minimum attendance of 85 percent of course sessions), preparation for the sessions and the final discussion (reading of assigned materials), and active participation in assigned group projects. 

There are two options for gaining ECTS credits after successful completion of all requirements of the Online Winter University

After fulfilling all requirements, students will receive an official transcript with 2 or 4 ECTS credits and their grades. We use the ECTS grading scale of A to F, where A is the best and F means failed.

In addition to the official transcript, students who have actively participated will get an official participation certificate after the course finishes. This official certificate does not have any grade or number of credits stated on it.